Quartenion case study

How we carried out a quality check of their bespoke product offering.

The Client: Quartenion

The Risk management engine
Quaternion Risk Management Limited is a leading provider of highly specialized and advanced risk analytics solutions for the financial services industry. They are a capital markets consulting practice that advises on and implements complex projects with a focus on the quantitative aspects of risk management, trading and finance.

How we helped


The client needed to carry out a quality check of a product developed by an external software engineering team.


We performed a thorough analysis of the product offering and functionalities alongside a few test cycles. This was to determine the quality status of the product.


With a thorough analysis of the product offering and functionalities, we performed a couple of test cycles (more than we were contracted to do). We did this to ensure our client’s product success and also to ensure they released a solid product to the market.

The Approach and conclusion

We conducted a comprehensive examination of the product's features and capabilities to ensure the product was fit for release. The examination included multiple rounds of testing to assess the product's quality and determine the overall status of the product's offerings and functionalities.

Key Takeaways

Thorough Quality Checks: Our approach extended beyond standard testing. We conducted a comprehensive evaluation of the product.
Product Readiness: Our dedication ensured the product's robustness and suitability for launch.
Collaborative Success: The partnership between stakeholders propelled the product toward market success.


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