Indicina case study

How we improved quality assurance around its product and team.

The Client: Indicina

Masters of scalable credit solutions
Indicina is a credit agency that uses advanced machine learning technology to build effective decision-making tools that unearth unique customer financial data. The company offers technology solutions to empower businesses to offer credit to customers faster, more securely and at scale.

How we helped


The client wanted to improve the quality assurance activities around their products and team. They did not have a quality assurance team or defined quality assurance standards, which they viewed as barriers to growth.


​​We created quality assurance (QA) teams, each headed by a QA Engineer. We also defined an Agile playbook for the development team and ensured the documentation of their key products.


The creation of QA Engineer-led teams eased the onboarding of new resources and significantly minimise key man risk.

The Approach and conclusion

We expanded the team, integrated new team members into the organisation, and brought all stakeholders up to speed. We also created systems, processes, and transferable documentation (Agile playbook) to aid in onboarding new team members. These steps eliminated the risk of relying on a single person, also known as the "key man," for organisational success.

Key Takeaways

Innovation at Scale: Indicina's innovative credit solutions parallel their commitment to scalable quality assurance.
Strategic Enhancement: The formation of QA teams brought new dimensions and streamlined processes.
Agile Environment: The Agile playbook and structured documentation paved the way for aligned development and assurance.
Risk Mitigation: Reducing the dependence on the “key man” ensured organisational resilience and continuity.


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