TrustBanc case study

How we helped digitize their operation and enabled them move from sharing to owning their own infrastructure.

The Client: TrustBanc

The Investment solution provider
TrustBanc is an investment management firm. They provide bespoke financial services ranging from banking, brokerage, forex, and wealth management. TrustBanc deployed Fintech solutions to create an innovative financial services hub that meets the needs of its customers. The firm is at the forefront of ongoing innovations for the banked and unbanked in the Nigerian financial industry.

How we helped


The client wanted to digitize their operations and own their infrastructure as they were, at the time, on a shared platform.


We managed third-party integrations to entities like NIBSS, Interswitch and Stanbic while ensuring that we developed all required policies or procedures needed to achieve compliance.


We digitized their process, providing them with their own core banking and digital banking infrastructure in record time.

The Approach and conclusion

We created policies and procedures that align with relevant laws and regulations, including those related to anti-money laundering and know-your-customer protocols. Additionally, we implemented various controls to monitor transactions and detect potential compliance violations. Furthermore, we regularly reviewed and updated our policies and procedures to maintain a strong compliance framework.

Key Takeaways

Holistic Evolution: Our approach encompassed both digitization and infrastructure autonomy.
Complete Compliance: Rigorous adherence to compliance protocols underpinned every facet of the transformation journey.
Collaborative Success: The partnership between stakeholders ensured seamless task completions and compliance.


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