P2Vest case study

How we created a system that lets both borrowers and lenders see updates in real time, and allows for fast and clear transactions.

The Client: P2Vest

The Financial app for Business people
P2Vest is a financial app that brings borrowers and lenders together to perform mutually beneficial transactions such as accessing credit and lending money. By building a marketplace where costs are low and opportunities are high, the company has been able to transform the way people access credit and lend. They give their users the power to take control of their debt, grow their businesses, and invest for the future.

How we helped


The client wanted to create a p2p lending application with real-time reporting, speedy settlement, and transparency to both Lenders and Borrowers.


We broke down the functionalities into deliverables, identified edge cases in the lending and verification flow, and guided the team on the implementation of the mobile and admin app.


We facilitated pilot tests with the client’s internal team to confirm user acceptance and supported the application post-deployment.

The Approach and conclusion

After breaking down the functionalities into deliverables, we identified specific scenarios in the lending and information verification processes that fall outside of the norm. We then provided guidance and support to the team as they worked on implementing the mobile app and the admin app. This involved ensuring that the necessary steps were taken to handle these unique situations and provide a smooth and efficient process for the end user.

Key Takeaways

Synergy: P2Vest's forward-thinking ethos aligned seamlessly with our strategic approach.
Precise Dissection: Breaking down functionality into deliverables allowed for granular problem-solving.
Post-deployment Collaboration: Our engagement extended beyond development, encompassing testing, user acceptance, and post-deployment support.
Efficient Execution: The approach resulted in a robust lending application, fostering transparency and efficiency.


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