UBA case study

How we carried out a review of their solution delivery processes, made recommendations, and managed improvements.

The Client: United Bank for Africa (UBA)

Africa’s global bank
United Bank for Africa (UBA) provides corporate, commercial, SME, consumer and personal (retail) banking, pension custody, and related services through diverse channels–over 1,000 business offices and customer touch points with 2,669 ATMs, 87,223 PoS, and robust online banking services–to more than 27 million customers in 20 African countries. The bank has proven expertise and capacity in key economic sectors across Africa, positioning her as a preferred government and corporate partner for structured solutions in and into Africa.

How we helped


The client wanted to carry out a review of its solution delivery processes, make recommendations and drive improvements.


We conducted a comprehensive evaluation of their current processes, held several stakeholder interviews and carried out documentation reviews, engineering team surveys, and tool appraisals.


Our process assessment and improvement services enabled the organisation to achieve its solution delivery objectives. We identified their strengths and weaknesses and recommended changes to optimize their efficiency, including streamlining their workflows and implementing best practices.

The Approach and conclusion

We adopted a coaching approach to ease the challenges of implementing new work processes and adapting to new procedures. We provided guidance and support in understanding the new processes and making the necessary adjustments. We also monitored and documented the engineering team's progress. At the end of the contract, the team members had internalized the new processes, absorbed the improved work culture, and become more efficient and effective.

Key Takeaways

Holistic Process Enhancement: Our systematic approach to process assessment and enhancement drove quick and tangible results.
Versatile Analysis: The mix of techniques, from stakeholder engagement to tool evaluation, ensured we had a comprehensive perspective.
Effective Coaching: The coaching approach nurtured a culture of innovation, transforming processes and outcomes.


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