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Our team of experts who specialize in excellent product delivery will help move an idea from just a thought in your head, to a full working product in your hand in the shortest time-frame.



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We help you ship quality products that will boost your business growth.

Bringing an idea to life requires ideation, analysis, testing and execution that can span several months. It shouldn’t have to take that long when you work with the right team.
This is where we come in.

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Flexible Product and
Project Management

Whether you are just starting to conceptualize your product, in the middle of development or ready to launch, our experienced team of product managers are ready to give the needed support.

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Software Auditing
and Assessment

We help you identify and improve the quality readiness of your product through in-depth assessments and ongoing testing which we can also do as an in-house quality assurance team.

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We help to improve business processes by identifying, analyzing, implementing changes, testing and monitoring results. Guidance is also provided to the team for implementation.



Product Delivery

We will provide a comprehensive and efficient way for our clients to deliver their products to their customers. We work with your team to understand the specific product delivery needs and requirements. We would then develop a customized plan to ensure on-time, within budget, and high-quality delivery.


Software Testing

We make sure that your software is reliable, efficient, and user-friendly by finding and identifying any defects, bugs, or issues in the software before releasing it to the public. We do this by executing thorough tests and looking for any problems.


Product Management

We make sure that the software you want to create matches what your customers need. We work with your team on your ideas, plan, and delivery of an excellent product. We create and manage relevant documentation which we update throughout the whole project.


Project Management

We help you plan, execute and deliver your projects on time and within budget.We facilitate communication, scheduling, and collaboration of all concerned parties and deliver your expectations within agreed timelines.


Quality Coaching

We conduct a thorough review of your product development approach and collaboration with your team. This allows us to identify any quality gaps and provide ways to improve the delivery process. We ensure that you are following best practices in your product development with no compromise on quality. 

Why work with us?

Our Onboarding is super fast

Our experienced product managers start onboarding the next working day after the contract is signed (if you require it). From the moment you sign up with us, our team will work closely with you to ensure a smooth integration, so you can start benefiting from our services as quickly as possible.

Why work with us?

Collective intelligence of our product managers

We conduct a thorough review of your product development approach and collaboration with your team. This allows us to identify any quality gaps and provide ways to improve the delivery process. We ensure that you are following best practices in your product development with no compromise on quality. 

years of experience

Why work with us?

Flexible contracts that suit your needs

Our Process

The timeline is dependent on the work requirements which can range from weeks to months

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and Execute


and Support


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more cases

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What Our Clients Say

"Working with Assurdly was amazing.
I had a super satisfactory experience with the team."

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"I had a nice experience with the Assurdly team, I felt their Impact a lot when they helped in the SDLC."

UBA Bank Logo

"We were new as an organisation and we needed Product Managers to help with our products. Assurdly did the job perfectly."

Sabiroad Logo

"Service was good and there were no regrets working with Assurdly. We would gladly refer Assurdly to organisations with similar needs."

Quaternion Logo

"Glad to have onboarded the Assurdly team at the time we did. Not sure how we would have managed the project without Assurdly working with us."

CSL Logo

"Assurdly has been very effective and pivotal to our smooth building and operations. With the level of satisfaction I received, I'd refer them anytime."

P2vest Logo

"Assurdly's service was great, professionalism was massive. Assurdly is the only company I know that can pull that and they did it perfectly!''

Fidelity Bank Logo

"Working with Assurdly was a good one. They were very particular about time management we had to make extra efforts to keep up. We have and will still refer companies to them."

Transalliance Logo

"Assurdly brings to life the product element of a startup from concept, product delivery, and testing to go live. The team is highly experienced and hands-on with great delegation, task management, and team co-ordination"

Oris Logo

"Assurdly is very organized in their projects and very keen on following timelines. They are focused on delivering quality results in a timely manner. Also, their support team is very efficient, they were always eager to help us during setbacks."

Ask Nello Logo

"We were impressed by Assurdly's capacity to comprehend our project requirements, and their ability to effectively manage our remotely distributed project team, driving them toward project success. We heartily recommend Assurdly to anyone in need of first-rate technical project management services. They genuinely are unsurpassed in their dedication to quality and client satisfaction"

Trium Logo

"Assurdly played an instrumental role in facilitating our NIBSS integration process. Their expertise and support significantly reduced the challenges associated with this endeavour, allowing us to efficiently navigate through the integration requirements. Hoping we would be able to leverage that as a foundation as we consider more integration points with NIBSS beyond what we've already done."

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Meet some of the Product Managers, Quality Analysts, and Technical Consultants in our community who help deliver amazing products.

Assurdly was there at our most crucial stage - our very first client and product. It felt herculean at the time to manage a 7-figure software project but Assurdly was there to help us navigate and pilot the ship. I always feel the most confident knowing that Assurdly is on my project or on my team. The sheer professionalism and unequivocal adherence to structure are unparalleled.

Henry, (cofounder at Stryde)

I had a great time working with Assurdly compared to many other agencies out there. They were really responsive, to a point where it did feel like some of the team members were inhouse.

Ebuka, Project manager

Working at Assurdly was initially challenging especially as a novice in the Product Management space. However, in a short time and with Assurdly’s broad scope, I was able to navigate swiftly and eventually, with little supervision.

Francisca, Product Manager

Working with the Assurdly team was very productive. The project execution planning was on point. The follow-up was on a whole different level than I have experienced with other teams that I have worked with in the past.

Alex, Mobile dev

Working with Assurdly gave me exposure to skills I had no knowledge of which I’m grateful for.

Adekunle, Frontend dev

Assurdly assisted in getting everyone to act where they may be lagging. They helped keep development motivation steady too. As a note of encouragement - Well done to the PMs! Developers can be hard to deal with. It takes great skill and patience to work with different people in this space especially to ensure a project comes to fruition.

Olamigoke, Mobile dev.

I couldn’t have found a better place to start my tech career. It wasn’t a smooth and easy process but it eventually became worth it. Learnt a lot from Unyime and the team and wouldn’t trade the experience. The kind of skills I have garnered will always make me hold my head high.

Oluoma, Product Manager

It's been a good ride working with the Assurdly team. I gained new experiences and insights in resolving issues. Learned to picture situations from different perspective which would bring about having more than one way to solve problems. More importantly, there's ownership with the Assurdly team and that is a very good avenue for growth.

Raphael, Backend dev.

Working with the Assurdly team was quite an experience. They are always looking for ways to get us past the blockers as quickly as possible. Also, they are a patient set of people. They don't mind going the extra mile to get things done.

Hammed, Mobile dev.

Working on different projects at Assurdly increased my experience exponentially in a short period; which could take an average QA 2 years to gain such. Roles were also not so rigid which allowed me play the role of a PM sometimes.

Idorenyin, Quality Analyst

Working with the Assurdly team made my work as an Engineer more organized. Having to deliver before things are due and at the same time learning to be a team player, knowing that when everything works fine, we are all satisfied.

Tonye, Mobile dev

Working with the Assurdly team helped me to collaborate better, and manage crisis working in a cross-functional team.

Obaro, DevOps.

Assurdly helped me build my confidence in managing different projects and also how I effectively allocate my time to these projects. I also got to learn new things on each project. I definitely enjoyed working with the team.

Anisat , UI/UX

A team of professionals who do not only ensure software quality but provide insights on making software applications effective and scalable through quality assurance.

David, Quality Analyst

Frequently Asked Questions

When can you start?

At Assurdly, we pride ourselves on our commitment to prompt and efficient service. Once you sign the contract to work with us, we begin work on the next business day. This means if you sign the contract on Friday, we kick off on Monday.

Do you provide developers?

We specialize in providing quality assurance and testing support to software development teams. While we do not provide developers, we can recommend trusted partners for your development needs.

What is your usual timeline to deliver a service?

Our timeline for delivering a service varies depending on the specific requirements of the project. It can range from a few weeks to several months. We work closely with our clients to understand their needs and develop a customized timeline that ensures timely delivery without compromising on quality.

What are your available pricing plans?

Assurdly offers a range of pricing plans tailored to the specific needs of our clients. The details vary based on the scope of work and the service being offered. We're happy to discuss your needs and provide more information. Book a call for a personalized offer.

What industries do you serve?

Assurdly serves a diverse range of industries, including but not limited to technology, finance, healthcare, retail, and ecommerce. Our team has extensive experience in testing software for startups, SMEs, MFBs, traditional banks, VCs, among others. We are committed to delivering top-quality testing and assurance services to clients in these domains.


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