Woven case study

How we assisted the engineering team in automating their API tests.

The Client: Woven

Seamless digital payments
Woven Finance simplifies day-to-day business transactions, making instant digital payments and reconciliations super easy for businesses. The company provides digital financial services that help businesses receive and make secure digital payments seamlessly and fast.

How we helped


The client's engineering team wanted to automate their API testing process as part of the continuous integration (CI) pipeline to gain confidence during each release to production.


We received and manually tested the client's backend system documentation to ensure they not only worked, but conformed with best practices. By collaborating with the team, we explained the necessity of this and worked with them to fix their software defects.


We, alongside the team, created a robust and secure API testing toolkit with good error-reporting and -handling mechanisms.

The Approach and conclusion

We teamed up with the client's engineering team and emphasised the importance of testing before automation. Together, we identified and remedied every software issue that was found. By working collaboratively, we were able to ensure that the backend system met the desired requirements and standards.

Key Takeaways

Seamless Digital Transformation: Woven's commitment to digital payments aligned with our strategy for automation excellence.
Collaborative Testing: We conducted manual tests as a preliminary step before automation, fostering robustness.
Enhanced Reliability: The collaborative approach helped us create an API test toolkit with error-handling and -reporting mechanisms.
Collaborative Success: Our partnership with Woven's engineering team propelled the team towards automation success.


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