Woven case study

How we assisted the client in putting together the requirements for attaining their data security standard certification.

The Client: Woven Finance

Seamless digital payments
Woven Finance simplifies day-to-day business transactions, making instant digital payments and reconciliations super easy for businesses. The company provides digital financial services that help businesses receive and make secure digital payments seamlessly and fast.

How we helped


The client did not have the requirements needed to become PCI-DSS-certified and be issued a PSSP license by the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN).


We helped the client gather the documentation and meet the requirements for acquiring a PCI certification ahead of a visit by CBN assessors.


We collaborated with the Woven Finance team and completed the certification process in 8 weeks. We achieved this through the dedication of all parties involved in ensuring that every criterion was met promptly.

The Approach and conclusion

We prioritised putting in place the required systems. Our team helped the client collect and organise every element needed to obtain a PCI certification. Our approach ensured the client was fully prepared for their evaluation by the assessors. The entire certification process took lesser time than anticipated and was completed without any adverse challenge.

Key Takeaways

Strategic Compliance: Our approach bridged the compliance gap, paving the way for essential certification.
Accelerated Success: The certification process was completed in record time, demonstrating the efficacy of our strategy.
Collaborative Triumph: Our joint efforts ensured a seamless and successful certification journey.


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