OnePipe case study

How we assisted in providing a seamless and speedy integration to NIBSS services with our single-box solution.

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The Client: OnePipe

The Financial API Gateway Provider
OnePipe helps organisations integrate financial services within their value chains to create customer loyalty & improve overall business operations. Their end-to-end API integration is a fast and simple way for businesses to launch financial service features. Their Banking-as-a-service tool is used to help businesses improve the user experience of clients on their platform while fostering innovation and profitable collaboration. They have created prebuilt products for specific use cases that businesses without platforms can deploy, allowing them tofocus on what matters most: customer experience and acquisition.

How we helped


The client wanted an integration to NIBSS services (NIP Inward and Outward, NQR Payment, and BVN RestFul) to enable users perform inter-bank payment transactions without having to go through the usual time-consuming integration process.


We developed a refined single-box solution to address known issues peculiar to NIBSS integration. This solution was designed to achieve fast and easy integration to all required NIBSS services.


The NIBSS-in-a-Box solution was deployed and integrated in two weeks and the client was able to use NIBSS services to optimize business operations and facilitate seamless payment transactions for users on the platform.

The Approach and conclusion

We adopted a strategic approach that involved breaking down deliverables into achievable milestones, gathering requirements and setting up a test environment. Our middleware application was deployed and implemented in the client's environment to connect them to NIBSS services and expose APIs for integration with their application. Our established relationship with the NIBSS team eased the integration process from the User Acceptance Testing (UAT) stage to product handover and go-live.

Key Takeaways

Swift Deployment: The NIBSS-in-a-Box solution was deployed and integrated in a two-week window.
Innovative Integration: OnePipe’s goal of creating seamless financial service integration aligned with Assurdly’s innovative single-box solution. 
User-centric Focus:
The NIBSS-in-a-Box solution allows OnePipe to focus on driving customer satisfaction and retention.


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